Ancient China Eastern Zhou Dynasty


Ancient Chinese Eastern Zhou Dynasty:

Till 771BC, the Zhous dominated in the west. However, in 771 BC they were attacked by the northern barbarians killing the Zhou king. The kings son managed to escape the attackers ands fled to Loyang in the east where he established his rule. Thus began the Eastern Zhou era.

The Ancient China Eastern Zhou dynasty is considered to be one of the most progressive dynasties and it was during this period that some of the greatest Chinese philosophers established their theories about politics, culture and human life. It was in this period that Confucianism, Taoism and Legalism arose.

ancient chinese zhou dynasty

Although the Eastern Zhou dynasty prevailed till 256 BC, the period was marred with great uncertainties, frequent invasions and encroachments.

Thus, the conclusion of the Zhou dynasty is followed by the Warring States period with the large states capturing the smaller territories. By the fourth century only 8-9 large states remained.

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