Ancient China Northern and Southern Dynasties


Ancient China Northern and Southern Dynasties:

The Chin dynasty was succeeded by the Dynasties of the North and South that ruled China from 317-589A. This era too witnessed great disunity and internal strife in China. During this time period, the north and south were split and two different dynasties ruled these regions.

Ancient Chinese northern dynasties
comprised of the Northern Wei (386-533A.D.), the Eastern Wei (534-540A.D.), the Western Wei (535-557A.D.), the Northern Qi (550-577A.D.) and the Northern Zhou (557-588).


Ancient Chinese southern dynasties consisted of the Song (420-478 A.D.), the Qi (479-501 A.D.), the Liang (502-556 A.D.) and the Chen (557-588 A.D.).

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Ancient China was ruled by several dynasties and every reign added a unique element to life and society.

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