China is the worlds fourth largest country feeding almost 12.5 billion people. China is also blessed with a long and ancient history and long rivers form an important part of chinas historical achievements. The Ancient China Rivers, also called the survivors, are as famous as the ones in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Indus Valley Civilization. China has two major river systems- the Yellow River (Huang He) and the Yangtze River (Long River).

The Yellow River is the most important river system in China. It is also popularly known as the Huang He. It is about 3000 miles long which floods every year. In around 4000 B.C., when the region was more temperate and covered with forests, people started living in the southern belt of the river. They initially sowed millet but after some time they also started cultivating rice.

Ancient China Rivers

The next important river in China is the Yangtze River which is also known as The Long River. As the name itself suggests, the length of the river is a lot, and the river stretches around 4000 miles across the land of China.

China’s land is blessed to be nourished by a river which is the third longest river in the world. Like the Yellow River, it also floods every year and leaves a rich fertile soil which it carries along with it along the banks and because of the high banks of the river, it protects the nearby houses from annual flooding.

Ancient China Rivers

Early Chinese people nicknamed these rivers as The Great Sorrow, because of their flooding nature and the homes which used to get destroyed by the Huang He River situated along its banks.

Over the time, people learned to live a friendly life along with these Ancient China Rivers by the techniques of flood control, by building their homes on a high sea level etc. Country as big as China, with diverse ethnic groups, lifestyle, culture got to knit in a single knot of culture begun by its great River Valley Civilization.