By 1040 BC, the Shang dynasty had degenerated into a corrupt rule. Also, they had to battle constantly with encroachers attacking their territory from the north. Thus, the Zhous that had origins of a semi-nomadic tribe fought with the Shangs and defeated them to gain authority over the kingdom. The Ancient China Zhou Dynasty convinced their subjects about their rule by explaining the famous Mandate of Heaven. According to the Zhous, if a family is successful in defeating the ruling family then the successors have the Mandate of Heaven to rule the kingdom. This belief took deep roots and finds the place even in the modern culture.

ancient-chinese zhou dynasty

The Zhous continued with the Shang tradition of writing, agricultural techniques, and bronze creations. However, their governance was different from the Shangs. Like the Shangs, their kingdom too comprised of the city-states but these city-states were ruled by kinsmen. The Zhous established two capitals with Xian in the west and Loyang in the east. The Ancient China Zhou Dynasty ruled from 1050 to 256 BC.