Ancient China Capital

Chinese traced their history through many dynasties. Many dynasties had appeared and disappeared in the history of China. Every dynasty had its own capital. The first dynasty to have appeared in the history of China was Xia Dynasty. It had various Ancient Chinese Capitals during different periods.

Important Ancient Chinese Capitals

Some of the most important Ancient Chinese Capital of the Xia Dynasty are Song, Yangcheng, Qiongshi, and Yuan. Anyang was the capital of the Shang Dynasty during the Yin period. This city was also called as Yin.

Zongzhou was the Western capital of Zhou Dynasty (Western) from 1046 BC to 771 BC and Changzhou was the Eastern capital of Zhou Dynasty (Western). The capitals of Zhou Dynasty (Eastern) were Changzhou, Henan (capital of Western Zhou State) and Gong (capital of Eastern Zhou State).

ancient chinese capitals

Yong, Liyang, Pingyang, Xianyang were some of the capitals of the Qin Dynasty during different periods. Luoyang and Changan were the capitals of both the Eastern and the Western Han Dynasty. Changan was the capital of the Xin Dynasty as well during 8 CE to 23CE.

The Ancient Chinese Capital of the famous three kingdoms of Wei, Han and Wu were Luoyang, Chengdu, and Jianye respectively. Wei, Qi, and Zhou were the Northern Dynasties and their capitals were Luoyang, Ye, and Changan respectively. Song, Qi, Liang, and Chen were the Southern States of ancient China and their capital was Jiankang. Shangjing (Beijing) was the capital of Liao Dynasty (907-1127).

Ancient chinese Capital

Nanjing, Tokmok were the other Ancient Chinese Capital of the Liao Dynasty. Beijing, Nanjing, Fuzhou were the capitals of the Ming dynasty. Fiala (1587 1603), Hetuala (1603 1619) and Jiefang (1619 September 1620) were the capitals of the Later Jin Dynasty. Shengjing from 1636- 20 September 1644 and Beijing were the capitals of the Qing Dynasty.

By the time the Qing Dynasty disappeared, what appeared in China was known as the Republic of China. During this time, there were different capitals depending upon the government. At present, the government of China is known as the Peoples Republic of China and its capital is Beijing.