Ancient Chinese Military


Ancient Chinese Military:

The purpose of military is to protect a country from external invasions and to uphold social, political harmony within the state.

The military system of china passed through various stages. The differences in the stages were mainly due to the different rulers who ruled upon the land and established different laws of governing the state.

The Chinese History Can Be Divided Into The Following Sub Divisions:

Ancient China
Imperial China
Modern China

Origin Of Ancient Chinese Military:


The nation started the process of expansion of their territories by fighting the other nations. It also had to protect itself from outside invasions. This was how the Chinese military in ancient china originated. The ancient Chinese militants used to fight on horsebacks. The wars used to be long ones, continues for days on end.


In ancient china, some militants used to lead the army on chariots. The fights used to be performed with the help of swards, bows and arrows. Chariots were highly valued in ancient china.

The Times Of Three Sovereigns And Five Emperors:

In the history of ancient Chinese military, the first standing army was formed during this era. Some people regard the rulers of these times to be a myth. The battles which were fought during the times are not recorded.

The Rule Of The Xias And The Shangs:

The military men who existed at this period of time used to fight on chariots. A lot of wars were bought on chariots using weapons made out of bronze. Many ballets were fought in Anyang. This site belonged to the rulers of the Shang dynasty. This dynasty was removed from power by the Zhou dynasty.

This period of change in the rulers marked the beginning of yet another phase in the history of military in ancient china. A feudal society was on its way.

The Rule Of The Zhou Dynasty:

During these times, the ancient Chinese military had 3 divisions. The infantry fought with the help of daggers, axes and spheres. Important people of the military went to the battlefield in chariots. The military started shunning chariots as crossbows gained popularity.

The Times Of The Warring States:

This era, also known as Imperial Period, market the closure of ancient china. Battles were fought by using crossbows and archery. Cavalry was also quite common during this era. The ancient Chinese military was a well formed military.

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