Ancient Chinese practices have a long history and they, like in all old civilizations, were meant to bring in good omen by warding off evils. And like all traditional practices, they were always born out of necessities and became an integral part of the lifestyle of the people of ancient China. To ward off events and avoid miseries, traditional customs in China had their own analogies and meaning.

Falun Gong

Falun Gong is among the most well known ancient Chinese practices for cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. It is a slow movement coupled with meditation for refining the mind and keeping the body healthy. The major driving force behind the practice was to attain truthfulness, tolerance, and benevolence. Natural impediments were also warded off by traditional Chinese people by resorting to this practice.

Tea Drinking

Tea preparation in China goes back several centuries. The Chinese tea consuming practice is unique as it requires specific tasting methods where children serve tea to elders as a sign of respect. Commoners were expected to serve tea to higher-ups in the social strata. Some of the basic requirements for tea preparation were oil, salt, firewood, soy sauce, and vinegar.


Wedding in ancient Chinese practices takes a different meaning altogether. The practice is age-old with the bride and grooms kneeling together in front of their parents for offering them tea. The tea ceremony was an event for knowing the two families and for cementing nuptial relationships. If the tea ceremony offer was refused, it indicated an opposition to the tie.

Ancient Chinese Practices


To undergo successful labor, pregnant women were carried over a pan of coals by their husbands. It was a custom to ward off evils after childbirth and to ensure that no wrong actions on the part of the parents influenced the newborn. Chinese astrology was widely practiced in ancient times and the time of childbirth was extremely important.

Eating with Chopsticks

Chopsticks, according to Confucianism, stood for kindness and gentle behavior. It is among the widely followed ancient Chinese practices after Confucius taught the people to keep away knives and forks and cut the food to bite size before laying it on the table.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a very ancient custom celebrated by the Chinese the world over. Animals were identified to symbolize a particular year and depending on their characteristics, the predictions were made.