Ancient Chinese Warriors have been there for centuries now. These sentinels have been the inseparable part of the Chinese culture. Though time has affected them especially their sword which has lost their edge they have definitely not lost their skill.

People from around the world come to have a look at the glorious Chinese empire which might be in shambles today but the dilapidated existence still has volumes to speak about their glories. This was discovered in the twentieth century and in those days China was governed by a series of weak governments one after other and thus remained isolated from the rest of the world.

Ancient Chinese Warriors

It was the archaeologists later who figured out the significance of King Tuts tomb and the nature of society and public consciousness then. The first major sights of this Chinese warrior class have been seen in American museums. Every trip to China is incomplete without visiting Bejing City, the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City and mostly the warrior class of Xian.

It is most difficult to visit Xian. The road routes are bad and one cannot go there by land. There are a couple of new trains and flights which connect to Xian via Lhasa. The city is well kept; in its entirety, it would remind you of the warrior times. It is an adventure to visit the place.


The Chinese history absolutely reeks of its glorious past. They are termed as an eternal warrior class. Chinese wars have been famous and their technique of fighting been made famous all around the world. The sharpness of Chinese sword and their skill to kill the enemy was fine and impeccably done. Xian was the town built by chinas the first emperor.

When he passed on, he left behind the legacy of Chinese war skills. The can organize them so well that the end of an enemy cannot be anything but be brutally fatal. The city of Xian has a famous palace with a mercury lake and the place is from where maximum knowledge about the warriors and their times has been excavated.

The archaeologists have studied that mostly to find out about this particular period in history. And there isn’t an inch of doubt about the fact that Warriors of China would be an amazing half a century down the line. And people would learn about their finesse and their skill. The deadly warriors have left their names written in gold in world history forever.