Ancient China was a male-dominated society. Ancient Chinese men are supposed to possess the yang essence and take up acts to not only protect that essence but to increase it. The yang essence manifests itself in the ancient Chinese man as determination, strength and good self-control.

Ancient Chinese Men

One of the most famous ancient Chinese man was Kong-Fuzi or better known as Confucius. Chinese culture was heavily influenced by his theories and ethics. He himself preached that women should obey their fathers, then their husbands and later on their eldest sons. So he influenced the domination of the Ancient Chinese man over the womenfolk. The ancient Chinese family was patriarchal meaning the father had complete authority over wife and children.

The concept of Concubines for Ancient Chinese Men:

But this ancient Chinese culture had the concept of concubines. Most ancient Chinese men had concubines to please them and the number of them increased according to your status in society. The emperors usually had many concubines and they even got their many male heirs from the concubines. The act of keeping concubines was also expected to increase the yang essence in ancient Chinese men.

Male-Dominated Culture

Boys were valued much more than girls in a household. Of course, only boys went to school and received a formal education. Girls were highly neglected and were supposed to obey the men and submit to their strength.

There was a division of labor in Ancient China. The upper-class officials were called Mandarins. They were basically government bureaucrats and passed exams to get those jobs. Then there were merchants who were held in low esteem. Finally, the poor men worked as farmers. A large section of the poor was conscripted into the army by the emperor to become warriors.

Ancient Chinese men were very hard working and it has been depicted in many books. One story about the Ancient Chinese man Yu Gong and the mountain is very famous. It was written by Lei Zi. The moral of the story is that if you work very hard on something feasible, then nothing is impossible to accomplish.

Culture and Heritage

In Ancient China, culture and heritage were very important. The Ancient Chinese men used to write their family name first and there given name second showing you that family and heritage was a priority. Ancient Chinese men were supposed to be very obedient.

It was a rule laid down by Confucius that Ancient Chinese Men were supposed to not damage their body, hair, and skin as they received it from their parents. This was called the principle of filial obedience.

Ancient Chinese men loved horse riding and stamp collecting. Soccer is said to have come from Ancient China. Ancient Chinese men favored sports and played the ancient form of what is known today as Ping-Pong. Ancient Chinese men also played the game mahjongg enthusiastically indoors.

Paper was also invented in China and Ancient Chinese Men were supposed to be very good in Mathematics, better than even the Greeks! Ancient Chinese men have also been known for their poetry, painting, oration, and prowess in martial arts.