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Great Wall of China

The ancient Chinese wall isn’t really one continuous wall but it’s like a small little collection of various short walls which follow the rest of the hills which are on the south edge of the Mongolian plane. This Great Wall of China is also known as the long wall of 10,000 Li.┬áThis humongous wall extends till around 8,850 kilometers which should be around 5,500 miles.

About Chinese Civilization

Ancient China was ruled by several dynasties and every reign added a unique element to life and society. From the articles on earliest recorded history in China, Homo erectus appeared in China around 1.2 million years ago.
The Stone Age tools and implements bear a testimony to this fact. Interestingly, Chinese civilization began from the banks of the Yellow River which is often infamously regarded as the River of Sorrow.

Ancient China produced one of the greatest philosophers, Confucius, who formed an ideology that went on to become a religion in the country. One of the most technically advanced countries today, China is often associated with many an important inventions for mankind.

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The country takes pride in its contributions in bringing about a modern era to the world. Ranging from the smallest kitchen appliance to capable robots and destructive weapons China today is a leader in the field of technology.

The ancient Chinese society was a society divided into 4 main parts. The divisions were based on the position of men on the society. This position depended on the jobs that they performed. The Chinese were and still today are great indigenous structural engineers. They used wood heavily in their structural wonders.

Stone carving was carried out much but is not comparable to the use of wood or even pottery in Chinese architecture. There were many inventions in Ancient China. This website gives comprehensive information on Life in Ancient China / History including Ancient China Dynasties and various facets of life in ancient China. It includes Ancient China religion, Arts, Books, Geography, Medicines, Sports, Calligraphy, Trasnportaion and more.

The Chinese architecture is one of the most sought after architectural styles worldwide. The current architectural style is largely inspired from the ancient systems that evolved under the various dynasties that ruled China during the different periods in the ancient era.

Since the ancient times, China has seen the rise of many diverse cultures and religions that have given a unique character to the social fabric of the country. Buddhism originated in India and then spread to China. The ancient Chinese Buddhism had some unique features that distinguished it from the other religions of ancient China.

A crossbow is a weapon which is used to shoot the projectile, also referred to as bolts. It is made up of a stock which has a bow mounted on its top. According to most of the historians, crossbows were first discovered in ancient China. These crossbows were used in the warfare by the people of ancient China.

The Battle of Ma-Ling is one of the earliest records which say that crossbows were used in warfare in ancient China. For many such interesting History of ancient China, keep reading rest of the articles.