China was always the seat where beautiful women were born. The ancient Chinese women were a rare combination of beauty with brains. They possessed several skills which enhanced their Ancient Chinese Beauties. Some of them were proficient dancers, some were excellent singers some of them were involved in the political affairs of the state.


Some of The Ancient Chinese Beauties:


Four women, in particular, deserve special mention. They were Xishi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan, Yang Yuhuan. These were some of the ancient Chinese beauties.


Ancient Chinese Beauties


They are remembered not only for their beautiful faces, they demonstrated many heroic qualities as well. Xishi saved her state from external attack. She when her native state Yue faced threat from another state Wu, she seduced the king and manipulated him to kill his marshal.


Her state was saved from being defeated by Wu. Diaochan defeated merciless warlords during a badger game. Another beautiful woman, Wang Zhaojun married the king of the Huns in order to put the nomadic Huns at ease and to make them peaceful.


Ancient Chinese Beauties


These ancient Chinese women used their beauty for noble serving purposes. They served their states with it. They prevented their states from being occupied by outside forces by making use of their beauty and their wisdom.


Concepts Regarding Beauty:


The Chinese regarded slender and thin woman as beautiful. Yan was a perfect example of a thin woman with a very sleek appearance. She was so thin that it was often said that she could dance on a single palm. Chinese women were expected to have a thin and a slim waist. These were the concepts of beauty prevalent during the rule of the Han dynasty.


Ancient Chinese Beauties


The concept of beauty underwent an absolute change during the times of the Tang Dynasty. Women with round races, wide foreheads, and plump bodies were considered to be beautiful. The people were affluent and prosperous. Women, who were plump, were considered to be prosperous and happy.

The Chinese people were imaginative. They aspired to achieve women who were perfect in terms of features. Literary texts were composed describing the ancient Chinese beauties.

Women with nice eyebrows, shaped like a silkworm, who had eyes like that of a phoenix, were described in the literary texts. The text also has references to ancient Chinese beauties who had almond shaped eyes and lips resembling that of a cherry.