The world is very innovative and the entire thing has been inspired by pre-existing things, from old designs, symbols. Most Chinese symbols in the market today are believed to be charms of good luck and people like Che Guevara just popularized it. There are Chinese bangles made of 8 sign design which is to symbolize their Ancient Chinese Beliefs in the word 8 being the lucky number. Sterling silver ring is believed to have descended from emperors seal and is therefore holy and to be respected.


Most Chinese jewelry is carved in silver and not gold. They value silver more. Most Chinese accessories have been lot influenced by the ides of feng shui which has always been very intriguing and excited about Ancient Chinese Beliefs.

Feng shui is a lot more than just designing the plan of the house. The meaning of the word is a deadly combo of water and wind which symbolizes strength. The main aim of feng shui is to create prosperity happiness and it will bring in good health and success and mostly peace and harmony.

Ancient Chinese Beliefs

Most buildings are built in accordance with feng shui rules. This was the secret of royal families. It is ridiculous for a straight thinking guy to sit and believe that his life hasn’t been going too good because of the way of thinking today.

These are ancient stories and the journey from ancient age to the present modern age has been a journey from darkness to rationalism and therefore in the typical modern set up the backdated ideas of feng shui doesn’t fit. Moreover, feng shui is believed to be a pragmatic science.

Almost every Chinese hold a dragon very close to his/her heart. Representing wealth and prosperity, power and divine joy, dragons have been the biggest beliefs of Chinese masses.

These magic creatures have been featured in all art forms of ancient China. Be it a folk tale or painting, dragons have almost always been featured as protagonists all across China. Associated with various festivities it is one belief that every Chinese wants to hold on to.

Other beliefs included the ones spread about by the followers of Confucianism, Taoism, and various other philosophical thoughts. Buddhism was another source of Chinese beliefs and emphasized on building one’s self for an ideal life. Achievement of salvation by the practicing of a simple and clean life became a belief of every Buddhist follower in China.