Ancient Chinese people were said to be the biggest followers of Lord Buddha across the globe. The ancient Chinese people followed all the principles of Buddhism very strictly. They had immense faith in the Buddhist religion, its principles, its policies and way of life. China is amongst the few countries where Buddhism is still flourishing.

In the views of ancient Chinese people, the most important relationship of the people was with their family. A family was considered to be the utmost important social institution.

Kids often lived in the family along with their parents, their grandparents, their uncles, aunts and their cousins. Family ties were considered to be more important than friendship. Friendship came after a family.


Ancient Chinese people considered that it was very important for the people to act in the right way for their position in life. In their viewpoint poor people should act differently from the rich people, women from men and city people should also ct in a different way from the country people.

Girls in ancient China had to leave their parental house post marriage. They had to go to their husband’s house, after their wedding to live there for their entire life. This was a harsh practice as the girls normally got married at an earlier age, so it was difficult for them to get settled there.


During the ancient time, most of the boys and girls did not go to the school, but worked on the farms with their parents, picking weeds and planting seeds. Boys from rich and elite families did go to the school.

But this privilege was not available to the girls, not even to them who belong to the rich family. To get into the political field, it was very important for the boys to work very well on the state examinations.

But slaves had the hardest lives of all in the ancient Chinese period. These slaves had to work as servants in the rich peoples’ houses. This practice of slavery was also hereditary among the ancient Chinese people. Sometimes people were also sold as slaves.