The Chinese were and still, today are great indigenous structural engineers (Ancient Chinese Structures). They used wood heavily for their structural wonders. Stone carving was carried out much but is not comparable to the use of wood or even pottery in Chinese architecture.

Chinese Architecture:

The Chinese architecture is absolutely unique in the world. The Chinese designs or structures that have been used are still in use today, such as the strength and the appeal of the design.


This very factor has led the native people to still use ancient forms and structures even today in their buildings. It was the Tang Dynasty that was the main pioneer of ancient Chinese architecture that still holds the world captivated by the charm of it.

The Chinese greatly rely on symmetry and that is one aspect that is found at least in all the ancient Chinese structures. Trimmed logs (wooden) were always used for the total construction of a building with heavy logs (and beams) constituting the foundation of the structure.


Though heavy stone foundations in the mountainous regions are not uncommon, it is also a major design parameter of the constructions near rivers.

The Great Wall of China:

The Great Wall of China is a world-famous ancient Chinese structure which can be supposedly seen from the space, In reality, it is a collection of many walls built partly with the assistance of many dynasties and kingdoms over centuries to protect the kingdoms from the northern nomadic tribes.


The exact date of the construction is highly debated still today but many of the historians seem to agree on a date closer to the 5th century BC.

The Ming Dynasty is credited with building and finishing majority of the Great Wall which stands as we see it today. The whole wall stretches for more than 8800 kilometers or 5500+ miles as of today. And that is leaving the natural barriers like hills and rivers in the way! Together, the Great Wall of China is even longer.

The Forbidden City:

The great palace of Beijing or the Forbidden Palace as it is known is the largest palace of any emperor anywhere in the world. The palace is indeed a city with the city population residing safety inside the high walls of the palace.

The Yuan Dynasty is known to have built palaces similar to the Beijing Palace but it was the Ming Dynasty which truly created this marvel of all ancient Chinese structures.