One of the most technically advanced countries today, China is often associated with many important inventions for mankind. The country takes pride in its contributions in bringing about a modern era to the world. Ranging from the smallest kitchen appliance to capable robots and destructive weapons China today is a leader in the field of Ancient Chinese Technology.

The early inventions of China include the shadow clock, abacus, Kongming lanterns and the first flying machines, i.e. the kites. Historians often relate China with some of the most vital discoveries of mankind like the compass, printing, cast iron, gunpowder and so on.

A common man’s assumption is generally limited to the Wests maximum contribution in all the important discoveries of mankind. However, China proves all these assumptions to be hollow shams as it never lagged behind in technological advancements. Historians are of the opinion that between 600 AD and 1500 AD china was unparalleled in science and technology.

Be it astronomy or meteorology, physics or chemistry, mathematics or engineering China excelled others in every field. Important gifts to Ancient Chinese Technology include modern agriculture, decimal mathematics, umbrella, shipping, astronomical observations, paper money, wheelbarrow, the game of chess and even multi-staged rockets.


In ancient China, the discovery of printing led to a revolution in the field of learning and record keeping for the masses. The other important discovery, i.e. gunpowder gave the Chinese a huge advantage over their enemies.

This discovery completely changed the outlook of Chinese warfare. The third and an equally important discovery were that of the compass as it showed China new sea routes which soon emerged as popular trade routes.


The Taoist principles also gave birth to the first Chinese medicines. Acupunctural and traditional herbal medicines soon became huge hits in China the former still being very effective to combat diseases. The use of acupuncture can be almost traced back to the first millennium BC with some scientists of the view that it was even used in the Bronze Age.

Sundials are often considered to be the first time keeping devices. However Chinese shadow clocks were the actual inspiration behind sundials. This was invented almost 2,500 years from now and Chinese first recorded the solar eclipse using the same device in 2137 BC. Though many of these claims do not have a solid ground there is no denying that they have a good reason to be true.