Ancient Chinese Tradition:

Traditions are established after observing the pattern of behavior of the people. Traditions are formed due to social influences. The ancient Chinese traditions were meant to invite good energy and to ward off evil influences.

Some Of The Ancient Chinese Traditions:

Tea was a very basic item of the necessity of the ancient Chinese people. They had unique methods of preparing tea. Not only the preparation of tea, tasting the tea, and occasions for which tea was prepared to make this item so unique in Chinese culture.


In ancient Chinese tradition, children often served tea to elders. This was a way of showing respect. People hailing from the lower ranks of the society were supposed to make tea and serve it to those who occupied the higher ranks of the society.

This tradition is followed even in the present times. Chinese tea has several herbal qualities. Some other items that were a necessity in the Chinese household were salt, firewood, vinegar, oil and soy sauce.


Tea was very significant in marriages too. The newlywed bride and the groom offered tea to their parents. They kneeled down before the elders and did so. After consuming the tea, the elders gifted them a red envelope.

In ancient China, tea ceremony was held with the purpose of introducing the bride and the groom. In China, acceptance of the offered tea symbolized acceptance and refusal of it symbolized denial of the marriage.

During a marriage, it was a custom that the husbands had to carry their wives over a pan of coals. Pregnant women had to be very cautious and careful in their action.

Their actions could affect the child in their wombs. The date of birth, time and place had a lot of influence on the destiny of the child. Chinese astronomy determined the fate of every individual.

Chopsticks were a very important part of the dining table. Forks and knives were not allowed. Chopsticks symbolized kindness and gentleness. The Chinese people detested the way of cutting food and seizing them with the knives and forks.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated in a grand way. The Chinese people believed that on New Years Day, Lord Buddha asked some animals to come to him. 12 animals visited Buddha. Lantern festival was a popular festival. It was celebrated on the 5th day of the lunar months.

The ancient Chinese traditions were religiously followed by the people.