Some of the popular ancient Chinese Artists who are renowned for their various artworks are mentioned below:

Ancient Chinese Artists

Ancient Chinese Artists:

Huang Shen

Huang Shen (1687-1768) was a native of Fukien Province. A poet and calligrapher as well, he was one of the famous “Eight Yangchou Eccentrics”. Huang Shen followed the Yuan masters in his landscape painting. He also painted figures and Buddhist and Taoist subjects.

Weichi Yiseng

Weichi Yiseng was a member of the royal house of Khotan. His figure style was characterized by agitated draperies. A handscroll of figures in the Berenson collection, Villa I Tatti, Settignano, Italy, is associated with his name.

Huang Chu Tsai

Huang Chu Tsai was from Dh’engtu in Szechuan Province. He was the son of famous Huang Ch’uan and carried his father’s style of bamboo, birds, rocks, and landscape. His paintings became the standard by which early Sung academic paintings were judged.

Guan Tong

After the fall of the Tang dynasty, he became a subject of the later Liang dynasty (907-23), which ruled north China, and was admired, along with Fan Kuan and Li Cheng, as one of the three greatest landscape painters of the tenth century. Jing Hao was his teacher early in his career. In his later years, he painted a relatively free, unlaboured and sketchy brushwork.

Wang Tingkuo

Wang Tingkuo was from K’aifeng in Honan Province. He specialized in painting flowers and birds. His paintings are in light colors and possess an unusual degree of refinement.

Xiao Yuncong

From Anhui province. He was the first of the Masters of Xin-an. Works include: Reading in Snowy Mountains, Gugong, Beijing; Frosty Woods, handscroll, British Museum

Ancient Chinese Brush Painting Artists:

1.Hsu Hsi – Southern T’ang (937-375)
2.Huang Shen (1687-1768), Qing Dynasty
3.Ch’en Shu (1660-1736), Qing Dynasty
4.Chin T’ingpiao (18th century), Qing Dynasty
5.Tung Panta (1699-1769), Qing Dynasty
6.Huang Chu Tsai, Sung Dynasty
7.Chao Ch’ang, Sung Dynasty
8.Chao Pochu Sung Dynasty

Throughout the centuries, bamboo has inspired the imagination of artists, while men of letters have written poetry and prose to express their admiration for the purity and elegance of bamboo. They compared the qualities of bamboo to those of man, and Su Dongpo attributed his literary inspiration to bamboo. Bamboo was also a favorite subject of noted Chinese painters of past dynasties.

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