The ancient Chinese were always very serious about their documentation and their historians and philosophers were always seen with great reverence. That is why so much of their ancient culture and their heritage are still available to us today. The very best of these are found in the different scripts that were written in those days by not only the historians but the philosophers and the poets as well.  But this is not the only pathway of getting the ancient Chinese information that we want.

Ancient Chinese Information

The different architectural wonders that they built as well as the writing down of the vocal transference of legends have made the ground for the collective knowledge that we hold today. This is a point of convergence of so many different Dynasties that have ruled this great land. This article is based on the pathways if ancient Chinese information that is available to us today.

Ancient Chinese Information on Ancient Scriptures:

This is by far the most important source of ancient Chinese information at our disposal in this age. These scriptures made of leaves and attached by thin strings of organic origins are scrolls written maybe thousands of years ago but they have passed the test of time and offer us invaluable ancient Chinese information. Written by people such as Hiuen Tsang and Confucius themselves these are the ultimate gifts of their age. The Chinese perfected the art of making Indian ink from tree sap and scrolls which made this possible in their age and formed a unique script that runs vertically rather than horizontally.

Ancient Chinese Information about Sculptures and Edicts:

The amazing Chinese architecture that we are so familiar with is not just a monument to their lost splendor but the edicts and sculptures present there are tellers of ancient Chinese information as much as any written document. The dates of kings coming to the throne and monuments to the wars are all rich sources of ancient Chinese information in themselves.

Ancient Chinese Information on Legends and Stories:

Though unconventional to say the least the Chinese were very fond of having stories told. That is why many of their stories are actually sources of knowledge to people who were there before the invention of the Chinese scripts. These have come together to form a rich painting of colorful stories that make piecing together the different aspects of ancient Chinese history a possibility.

Information on Ancient Chinese Numismatics:

Numismatics are forever considered a source of ancient knowledge whether Chinese or any other kingdom. That is why the numismatic societies are often entrusted to chart out the economic conditions of areas over the ages based on the weight of the coins and their size and materials. Moreover, the commemoratives and the normal ones all have dates on them in some cases and this allows chronology to be a perfect venture for a numismatist.

Information on Ancient Chinese Songs and Paintings:

Though they are not totally reliable songs of ancient origin and authentic paintings and pottery as such are also very useful sources of ancient Chinese information. That is why they are often considered the secondary sources. Ming vases and paintings are valuable only when they are from certain periods and this in itself goes to show their value as containers of ancient Chinese information.