Ancient Chinese Sayings and Quotes

Ancient Chinese Sayings and Quotes held great significance among the people of the nation and they are still quoted and referred. If you check up proverbs and sayings the world over, you will come across more from China than anywhere else. Many of them have been lost over time, but there are still some that provide great insights into the Chinese and their deep contemplative way of thinking.

Comments of Confucius

Most of the ancient Chinese sayings and ancient Chinese proverbs date back to the comments made by Confucius and several other ancient Chinese sages. The most well-known collection of Chinese proverbs was compiled by the Peter Pauper press in the form of Chinese proverbs from Olden Times published in 1956. They were translated from the original keeping as much of the flavor and mood as possible.

Like the swiftest horse cannot overtake a word once spoken has great significance as it cautions people to mark and choose their words. It explains the kind of good manners and behavior that people have to follow while interacting with others. While talking to people, care should be taken not to hurt them in any way with your words and phrases. It also compliments another ancient Chinese proverb, a bad word whispered echoes a hundred miles.

Most Chinese proverbs and sayings are multi-layered. But the greatest beauty about them is that they are very simple and easy to understand. Even though they are layered, they are easy to understand and if you read between the lines, you will automatically get a whiff of a deeper meaning.

Deep messages

While going through ancient Chinese proverbs and ancient Chinese sayings, it is easy to understand why Chinese philosophers have always been the storehouse of wisdom. The narrative is simple, but they carry deep messages. There is more wisdom packed in each word than any other proverbs originating from anywhere else in the world. They took their ideas from daily life to explain the very basis of human existence in clear and simple terms.

The proverbs are insightful and in course of time, they were made available to the rest of the world. Examples of simple messages can be found in proverbs like The soldier who retreated 50 paces jeered at the one who retreated 100 paces or a Tiger father begets tiger son which are still famous among ancient Chinese proverbs and ancient Chinese sayings.

This article gives information on famous ancient Chinese quotes and sayings.