Chinas history is replete with symbols of all kind. Thousands of symbols have been discovered. A special meaning and significance are attached to each one. Ancient Chinese Symbols and Meanings still hold great importance in the lives of Chinese people.

Ancient Chinese Symbols and Meanings

Chinese folks like to decorate their homes with these ancient Chinese symbols. Some are believed to bring good luck, some happiness, and some prosperity. Even Gods were represented in symbols.

Various types of ancient Chinese symbols are known today. There were different symbols for different purposes. There were different symbols for strength, for good luck, for respect, for peace, for family and the like.

Some Ancient Chinese Symbols and Meanings:

1.Xi- the symbol of happiness, this symbol was usually posted in weddings.

2.Cai was the symbol of wealth and money. Chinese believed that money was powerful and could make a man do a lot of things.

3.Ji was the symbol of luck. It was considered auspicious and brought prosperity.

4.De was the symbol of virtue.

5.Mei was for beauty. It referred to beautiful and pretty.

6.He was believed to bring harmony. It was believed to build harmonious relations among people.

7.Shou was for the longevity of life.

Ancient Chinese symbols for strength:

The collection of ancient Chinese symbols had almost 80,000 symbols in it. Though most are not used today, almost a thousand symbols still hold a presence. These symbols are simplistic in design but the artistic strokes used in these symbols are worth praise.

The symbols of strength are widely used even today. Pronounced as li, the Chinese symbol for strength looks like a symbol used to plow fields. The upper part looks like the handle and the lower part looks like the lower part of a plow. A vertical stroke strikes through the symbol.

Ancient Chinese symbol for respect:

In ancient China, symbols were more expressive than words. People chose to speak through symbols rather than words.

The concept of respect was held in high regard by the Chinese. Courteous behavior towards others was regarded as a way of showing respect. Good behavior was important to hold the respect of the family.

This symbol embodied a lot of significance. This symbol was seen to represent goodness, prosperity, respect for God or simply as an expression of gratitude.

Ancient Chinese symbol for God:

Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucian are known to have great influence on the people of China. This, in turn, led to the existence of a large number of Gods. Sun was the most important symbol.

The discovery of such large number of symbols let lose an artistic revolution in the western world. A lot of academic research has been conducted in this field. The existence of such vast number of symbols evokes fascination and continues to amaze.