Ancient Chinese Yuan Dynasty was a Mongolian dynasty and was established by Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan the great Mongolian warrior who managed to capture large regions of Asia and integrated them with the then supreme Mongolian Empire. Ancient China Yuan Dynasty ruled from 1279-1368 A.D. Despite having an extremely strong military force, the Mongolians could not rule China successfully. This was mainly because the Mongols were culturally and linguistically very different from the Chinese.

Ancient China Yuan Dynasty

There were radical differences between their customs. Also, all the major government positions were taken by Mongols or other foreigners, despite the Chinese being better educated than the Mongols.

Also, China suffered great economic setbacks as the Yuans launched several unsuccessful campaigns against Japan. Also, the Yuans established trade restrictions. Such regressive economic policies along with uncontrolled expenditures hurt the Chinese economy greatly.

There was great discontent among the people. Also, the Yuans, which were extremely powerful at the outset, lost their might greatly during their tenure of ruling China. Thus, soon several uprisings broke out. The Chu, the leader of one of the uprisings, succeeded in uniting several other groups and the nobility and overthrew the Yuan dynasty.